Our Programs

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Community Inclusion

Out Reach / Day Supports

IRC Outreach/Day supports focus on an individuals needs for support around daily activity. Individuals are supported to explore opportunities in the community to expand their skill base as well as to expand social circle through various windows. IRC supports individuals to enjoy a broad range of activities which expand ones community living experience.   

Supports include but are not limited to:

  • Employment investigation and assistance

  • Vocational

  • Health and personal safety

  • Community access

  • Appointment supports

  • Liaison with involved professionals

  • Relationship maintenance

  • Increased personal power

  • Daily management of activities

  • Pursuit of personal goals


A Hybrid supported home share is a wrap around model of support and care that Inter Resource Consulting provides to individuals with complex behavioural, risk & action social and medical needs. Individuals as placed into carefully matched family care homes and receive enhanced funding to provide specialized care. Hybrid supported home share also receive an increased amount of case management from IRC management. This model offers structured home environment for individuals who require a level of specialized care and supports.

Home Share

Residential Supports are defined as:

Any support provided to an individual in a home where they reside. Individuals are offered supports that will enrich their home life as well as increase personal knowledge and skill level. Individuals who reside in a specialized residential setting are given opportunity to provide valuable input into an inclusive family environment. Quality of life is enhanced by recognizing that the individual receives increased satisfaction by having meaningful and valued social interaction daily.

 Supports include but are not limited to:

  • Daily living skills

  • Hygiene skills

  • Personal Health Management

  • Budgeting and financial assistance

  • Sexual health

  • Liaison with professional supports.

  • Support for appointments (i.e.: medical)

  • Transit training

  • Educational supports

  • Community and personal safety

  • Positive role modelling

  • Recreation

  • Sensitive companionship

  • Home maintenance

  • Medication supervision and administration

  • Community access