Our Mission

Inter Resource Consulting Ltd. is committed to enabling and assisting individuals who live with barriers to daily functioning to become active, contributing member of their communities.

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IRC provides individuals with a holistic, individualized and gentle model to improve individuals quality of life and thus reduce their dependence of government funded services.


Our vision is of a community where each person is recognized, valued and included with kindness free of judgment


We believe that kindness, gentleness and individualized choice will create a trusting secure environment for the individuals we serve.


  • Adaptable

  • Respectful of People’s needs

  • Empathy

  • Understanding

  • Excellence

  • Honesty/Integrity

  • Individual Focus

  • Focus on consumer abilities, not disabilities.


Inter Resource Consulting has been providing support services to individuals with complex needs since 1992. Started by Shirley Beamer and originally supporting two individuals in our first year in operation, IRC has now grown to support over 50 individuals.In November of 2010 Inter Resource Consulting achieved CARF International Accreditation Standards successfully. Inter Resource Consulting has maintained this high level of service delivery, obtaining CARF accreditation again in 2013 and in 2016.

  • All persons supported through IRC services live with barriers to daily functioning. Most individuals struggle with developmental disability and additional barriers such as diagnosed mental illness, severe behavioral disorders, FASD, addiction issues, seizure disorders, justice system involvement and extensive medical care needs.

  • Referrals for Inter Resource Consulting services come through CLBC or MCFD.IRC provides individuals with the opportunity to live successfully in their communities with supports based on their needs and preferences. IRC home share providers and staff are trained in varied areas of expertise and will be placed as “best fit” role, designed to suit the individual’s unique needs/requirements.

  • IRC works closely and collaboratively with each individual, their existing network, family and their professional team. IRC assists individuals to access other community services and will liaise with community services/professionals.